At Accurate Fieldhouse, we understand the benefits of artificial turf for sports. That is why we offer two indoor artificial turf fields that are ideal for a selection of different sports, including soccer, flag football, lacrosse, rugby, lawn bowling, and ultimate frisbee.

Main Benefits of Artificial Turf for Sports

Some of the main benefits of artificial turf offers for sports include:

All-Weather Utility

Unlike with natural grass fields, artificial turf will not turn to mud on days with a moderate to heavy rainfall. This is because artificial grass features all-weather properties that make it especially ideal for wetter areas or for playing on during the wetter seasons. Using artificial turf also means that the field will not be ruined due to being played on in the rain, so it will not need to be replaced in the off season.

Versatility and Preparation

Artificial turf offers a higher level of versatility than natural grass, as it can endure heavy use without any recovery time between games. Since artificial grass can endure well over 500 hours of consecutive playtime, events or tournaments will not have to be scheduled to include downtime to allow the field rest from use.

Low Maintenance

Compared to natural grass, which requires regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, seeding, and pest control, artificial turf requires little maintenance and upkeep. While artificial grass does need to be brushed, watered, and fertilized to control pests, managing the maintenance of this type of field can be much less rigorous and expensive than natural grass fields.

Fair Play

Artificial grass can allow for more control over the pitch or the field’s consistency, as each section of the grass is manufactured to be exactly the same. This means that no areas of the field will be uneven or differently textured, affecting the speed of the ball or the footing of a player.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of artificial turf for sports, or if you are interested in booking one of our facilities (North Field, South Field, Mezz Room, or Party Room), please contact Accurate Fieldhouse at 587-620-7217 or by filling out a contact form on our website.