You too must have come across someone at some point telling you how playing on artificial turf cannot bring the same feeling as on a natural field. I’ve always held these notions too, despite the fact that I’ve never really studied the difference between both types to point out what one lacks. I still play on outdoor fields since childhood but since my firstborn son joined a local football sports team that I got to experience the difference. 

My experience with this- quite impressed. Artificial indoor turfs didn’t turn out to be as bad as I had thought, if anything, I thought it was even better. My curiosity still led me to dig deeper into research, and I got some great benefits you may even get with playing on indoor artificial turf. 


Uniform Terrain for Smooth Playing or Training Sessions 

While a natural pitch may suffer from natural contours and imbalance of the surface terrain, a synthetic turf would not have this problem. The surface area is always uniform and smooth, and this contributes to having great playing time. The smooth terrain ensures you always get a quality playtime each time you step on the turf. The ball movement on these synthetic turfs becomes more direct and fluid. You’ll find them in all ways to be worth it whether for training sessions in indoor sports or tournaments involving local sports teams. 


Reduced Risk of Injury & Higher Safety Due to the Terrain 

Another advantage of the smooth terrain of a synthetic indoor sports field is the reduction or almost total elimination of injuries that would have been caused by the roughness of the ground. Because everything is balanced and smooth, it helps to reduce slips and missteps that could lead to either minor or severe injuries.  

From what I got to know, the earlier artificial turfs were mostly rejected because of their hardness, but technology and advances have seen the field become better-suited to players’ movements and touches.  The texture of these turfs today is becoming more and more realistic with each passing day. 

Flexibility of Choice 

You can choose different lengths and textures of the grass before your artificial turf is installed. You can even choose colours to complement a design or create a custom look. 


Excellent Resistance to Environmental Extremities 

Unlike natural turf, an artificial field will not suffer from extreme heat and would usually dry soon after a downpour. This means it is possible to play on this kind of turfs even in extreme weathers. This means you’ll not have to miss much fun due to unavailability of the pitch due to weather problems. 


There are the many playing benefits and artificial turf has an even greater maintenance and economic advantages. A lot of prestigious professional sports team have even started adopting these since technology has made the turfs better than what they used to be. From Santiago de Chile to Athletico Bilbao down to the world-class FIFA-approved artificial fields. Artificial turfs have come a long way, why not reserve your teams spot and train on one of our turf fields today! Accurate Fieldhouse’s safety and quality of play are maximum.