Whether you’re a member of a sport social club or you’re an aspiring athlete taking part in local sports tournaments, there are benefits from indoor sports. Despite indoor activities being fun, participants on an indoor turf stand to gain a lot of health and mental benefits as well!  


That is why our arena for indoor sports in Calgary has always been at the forefront of making sure the atmosphere is conducive for adults and kids to express themselves. Let’s take a look at the various health benefits of participating in physical activities and exercises as portrayed in our indoor sporting events. 


Weight Management & Control 

Are you trying to maintain your weight or trying to shed some pounds? Then taking part in indoor sports may prove beneficial to your weight loss goals. Losing weight requires high-intensity exercises and playing various sports makes it more fun! Why not join a club such as Calgary indoor soccer, the Calgary Indoor Flag football, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, and a list of other sports available. At Accurate Fieldhouse you can connect with like-minded individuals, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals. 


Exercises Help the Bones and Muscles 

If you want to remain physically active as you age, it is essential to ensure the body is conditioned and exercised. Physical activities help strengthen the bones, the muscles, and the joints to make sure you remain fit and able to easily perform daily activities. This can even help in several health conditions such as arthritis where it can be beneficial for pain management. People who exercise regularly are also less prone to hip fractures and typically have healthy bones joints and muscles.  


Physical Activities Reduces the Chances of Certain Cancers 

The development of colon cancer and breast cancer has been shown to be minimized by physical activities in men and women respectively. Physically exercise reduces the risk of developing these cancers, and some findings have even pointed to the possibility of physical activities to reduce the risk of lung and endometrial cancer. Because our society today is fighting to contain the occurrence of these conditions, participating in sporting activities would greatly help to tackle this. 


Improvement of Mood & Mental Health 

Indoor sports are quite fun and exciting for us adults and younger ones alike. Games on indoor turf facilities are always exciting, whether they are competitive sports leagues or done to celebrate special events. It’s even more interesting that this health impact is not limited to the playtime alone and can be felt on and off the field. Aerobic exercises, as well as the muscle-strengthening types if done an hour for three to five times a week, has significant health benefits. These range from reducing the risk of depression, paving the way to better sleep, helping us stay inspired and learning new things, sharp, quick decisions. 


Physical Activity Helps To Improve Longevity 

Physical activities will help the individual reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Considering the fact that these two are some of the reasons for early death, it indirectly implies that longevity will be improved with regular physical exercises.  


These reasons are enough to make you want to step right on to the pitch every day. The importance of keeping our mind and body healthy and relaxed is one of those things we hold in high esteem at Accurate Fieldhouse. In here, we have everything set for you to enjoy yourself while also doing yourself and your health a favour. Want to hit the field and exercise today? Make a commitment to yourself; we are ready for you! Work our Turf today! 


We are all about fun and a healthy lifestyle. Want to book North Field or South Field of high-quality and versatile artificial turf?  Contact us for any inquiries.