Calgary Sport Fans

Join in on the fun

We love sharing our indoor field with sporting clubs. If your looking join one maybe we can help you out, have a look below!

Work our turf

There are a lot of different sports you can play on an indoor turf, and we have two excellent fields for you to choose from! Our high-quality turf on Field 1 and Field 2 offer everything you need to play or train.  We listed a few ideas below for you!


Flag Football

Field Hockey

lawn Bowling




Dryland Training


Ultimate Frisbee



Artifical turf myth

Some people think playing on artificial turf cannot bring the same feeling as on a natural field and sometimes that gets in the way of playing the sports that you love.  Think about the people who play in the big leagues. Sometimes you need to do what it takes to get in the game! This is such a vast topic so to read and debunk this myth and discover the benefits, click here!