Soccer happens to be one of the most popular sports all over the world because it is quite exhilarating and fun. Kids soccer will help them develop pace, speed, stamina, and agility. Along with this, it is a great way of teaching your kids what it means to work with a team right from such a tender age. In Calgary and most other communities, there are usually indoor soccer leagues your kids can participate in and Accurate Fieldhouse perhaps offers the best of indoor sports as far as Calgary is concerned. 


Apart from the fun and thrill of playing on sport teams with teammates, what other benefits are your kids likely to gain from playing soccer? In this blog post, we will discuss the three most important benefits of this game to your kids.  


Soccer Helps Kids Improve Physical Fitness 

Soccer games require children to run around after the ball and on different points on the field. Over time, this helps them to develop their speed and endurance levels. Constantly shooting the ball and dribbling during indoor soccer games also helps a lot with agility and coordination. This exercise also helps kids develop strong bones and muscles while also reducing their risk of becoming overweight or developing diabetes. 

It has also been said that soccer also exercises the heart as it prompts it to beat faster. This additionally strengthens it and enhances the rate at which oxygen is delivered to the body cells. 


Soccer Promotes Cognitive Development in Children 

As your kids learn and constantly play soccer, their visual-spatial awareness will be more enhanced. The game of soccer demands that players be able to think fast and utilize the smallest of spaces and opportunity, this, in turn, may impact your kid’s problem-solving skills off the pitch. 


Soccer Helps to Build Social Skills 

Unlike some other sports which are played individually, the game of soccer is a team game and requires collective teamwork. This will no doubt impact your child’s social skills as they’d eventually have to interact, relate, plan, and cooperate with other players on their team. From the defensive position to the midfield and the attacking front, there must be communication and cooperation and trust the game of soccer to always find a way to make this work. 

This, in turn, will help your child build self-confidence and indirectly, they’d be learning the importance of teamwork and cooperation as important things to succeed.  


The game in itself is fun and with such monumental benefits, it’s a choice you’d want your kids to try as often as possible. Indoor soccer in Calgary will ensure your children get these benefits in their maximum. Accurate Fieldhouse as the foremost Calgary indoor turf arena is best positioned to help your children enjoy the fun and benefits of both indoor soccer as well as a range of other sports that includes Calgary Indoor Flag football, Calgary Field Hockey, Lacrosse, as well as a range of other Co-ed adult sports.  


With some of the best facilities in the area, you can also contact us to book fields and party rooms for both sporting events as well as organizing sport-themed parties.